Let’s Talk High-End Foundations

If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m a foundation junkie. I can’t leave the drugstore or Sephora without buying a new one. And, for a good foundation, price isn’t a problem. I have sensitive, acne-prone, and textured skin, so if a foundation will cover all that, I’ll shell out the cash for it. But, don’t worry. I have some drugstore foundations and products I love too. That’ll be part two…

Tatcha Skincare: The Good, and…the Good

As an avid YouTube watcher and former “guru,” I’ve heard great things about Tatcha for years. Everyone from small vloggers to Jeffree Starr have been raving about this brand. So, naturally, I had to get my hands on it. Tatcha is a Japanese skincare company that uses classic Japanese beauty secrets and natural, holistic ingredients. Each product is simple, fresh, and gentle. And, I have to agree. After trying a small sample that I purchased at the holy land, Sephora, I upgraded my collection the Tatcha Starter Ritual set.