Tatcha Skincare: The Good, and…the Good

Before I get into this review, let me tell you a little about my skin. I grew up having oily and acne prone skin. Went on Accutane for a year (big mistake). And now, I have dry, acne prone skin. Yes, I have the dreaded adult acne. Which means, as I get wrinkles, I also get pimples. Fun. I’ve been looking for products that treat both for, well, forever. Enter, Tatcha skincare.

As an avid YouTube watcher and former “guru,” I’ve heard great things about Tatcha for years. Everyone from small vloggers to Jeffree Star have been raving about

IMG_6215this brand. So, naturally, I had to get my hands on it. Tatcha is a Japanese skincare company that uses classic Japanese beauty secrets and natural, holistic ingredients. Each product is simple, fresh, and gentle. And, I have to agree. After trying a small sample that I purchased at the holy land, Sephora, I upgraded my collection the Tatcha Starter Ritual set which includes:

  • Tatcha One-Step Camelia Cleansing Oil
  • Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder
  • Tatcha The Essence
  • Tatcha Silk Creme Moisturizer

Tatcha One-Step Camelia Cleansing Oil

The cleansing oil is probably the lightest and freshest cleanser I’ve ever used. You might think putting an oil on your face would be the opposite of how to cleanse it, but you’d be wrong. This oil melts deeps within your skin to remove dirt and impurities, but doesn’t leave it feeling clogged or heavy. Plus, you massage it into dry skin and then gently wash it away with warm water. Even better, it also acts as a makeup remover. So, two birds meet one stone. This cleanser runs $48 full size.  Which can be pricey depending on your budget, but a full-size bottle is around six months of use. So, around $8 a month.

Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

The Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder is a gentle and effective exfoliant that helps remove dead skin, dry skin, and anything left over from washing. Now, since this is an exfoliate, you don’t have to use it everyday. Usually, I like to do this twice a week to really get rid of dry skin. To use, simply mix it with a little water to create a paste and then massage in circular motions on your face. For a rougher exfoliant, use less water, and vice versa for a softer one. I will say, this product has an odd smell, which is probably just because it’s literally ground up rice. This is $65 for the full size version and has around 9 months worth of product.

Tatcha The Essence

The Tatcha The Essence is either the second or third step in the skincare system depending on if you are exfoliating or not. But, to be completely honest, I’m not really sure what this product does. Essentially, this seems like just water; however, based on the claims online, this is supposed to be an anti-aging water serum to soften your skin and fight fine lines and wrinkles. Right now, it’s too soon for me to tell if this is working. I do think my skin feels smoother, but I think all the products make my skin feel smoother. This also runs a hefty $95 for the full size which hurts my feelings a little. I’ll keep you updated.

Tatcha Silk Creme Moisturizer

If you held me down and made me give up all my skincare except one product, this would be the product I chose to keep. I’ve tried dozens of moisturizers in my lifetime. Dozens! And, this is by far the best things I’ve ever used in my entire almost 28 years of life. Not only does this moisturize my skin amazingly, but it’s so lightweight that I can wear it under makeup. This silk creme moisturizer is water based and feels like a gel, so it sinks into your skin without leaving it feeling heavy and sticky. It also takes just the smallest amount to cover your entire face and neck, which I love. Here’s the downside – this is $120 for the full size. Eeekkk. In my opinion, it’s totally worth that price. Sometimes, you get what you pay for and this is one of those times.

Overall, do I recommend Tatcha? Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes! I’ve never found a skincare system that works as well as this one does. Pricey, yes. Worth it, undoubtedly. I’m hoping to try their Violet C mask soon and review that as well.

FYI – The sample set I bought was $59 and worth every penny! Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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